How To Use The Filters

Introduction of filters
The metal wear debris, dust, high temperature oxidation of carbon and colloidal sediments, water. is continuously mixed with the lubricant when the engine working process. The role of the oil filter is to filter out mechanical impurities and gum, and to be clean of lubricant, and to extend its period of use. The oil filter should have a filtration capacity, small flow resistance, long life and other properties. General lubrication system are installed with several different filtration capacity of the filter – set filter, coarse filter and fine filter, respectively, parallel or series in the main oil. (Called full-flow filters in series with the main oil, engine lubricant all work by filter filtration; called in parallel with the shunt-type filter). Strainer a series in the main oil, for the full flow; fine filter in parallel with the main oil path for the shunt type. Generally only has a set of filters and a full flow oil filter on a modern car engine.

The technical characteristics of the filters
Filter paper: the requirements of the oil filter on the filter paper air filter, because the oil temperature from 0 to 300 degrees, in severe sudden changes in temperature, the concentration of oil corresponding change, which willaffect the flow of oil filter. Quality oil filters filter paper to drastic temperature changes, filter impurities and to ensure adequate flow.
Rubber seals: high quality oil filter seals with special rubber synthetic, to guarantee 100% no leakage.
Back inhibition of the valve: only high-quality oil filters only. When the engine stalled, it can prevent the oil filter to dry; when the engine re-ignition, it is immediate pressure to supply the oil lubricating the engine.
Relief valve: only high quality oil filters only. When the external temperature is reduced to a particular value or beyond the normal use period when the oil filter, relief valve will open under special pressure to allow unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine. As a result, the impurities in the oil into the engine, but it is much smaller than the loss of engine oil caused. The relief valve is critical to protect the engine in case of emergency.

The installation and replacement cycle of the filters
a) draining or sucking the old oil
b) Loosen the screws, remove the old oil filter
c) a layer of oil rubbed in the new oil filter seal
d) Install new oil filter and tighten the fixing screws
The recommended replacement cycle: cars and commercial vehicles are replaced every six months

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On Oil Filters You Know

The role of automotive filters

An air filter features:
(1)In order for the engine to normal operation, there must be a lot of clean air inhalation. Air engine harmful substances (dust, resin and aluminum oxide, acidified iron, etc.), inhalation, cylinder and piston assembly will increase the burden, abnormal wear of the cylinder, piston assembly, as well as mixed with engine oil, the greater the magnitude of wear and tear, resulting in engine performance deterioration, reduce engine life, to prevent engine wear. Air filter silencer function. The air filter is generally changed every 10,000 km in order to achieve the best results.

(2) the role of cabin air filters:
Used to filter air filter car inside and the air circulation inside and outside. Remove the inside air or into the inside air of dust, impurities, smoke odor, pollen, etc., in order to ensure the health of the passengers and remove the odor inside the air conditioning filter so that the windshield is not easy atomization . The air conditioning filter general requirements for the 10,000 km replacement in order to achieve the best results. Myth: Most people would think that the summer air conditioning air conditioning filter works only; all year round, used to filter into the air inside the vehicle. In order to protect your health, you can not overlook the effectiveness of this filter !

(3) oil filter
As a component of the internal combustion engine, plays an important role in the lubrication system, engine filter out of metal wear debris and mixed with oil, carbon and oil has the effect of glial and other impurities generated in the combustion process. These impurities will accelerate the wear of moving parts, could easily lead to road blockage of lubricating oil, oil filter to ensure the normal operation of the internal combustion engine, internal combustion engine of life greatly improved, but also extend the life of the other parts.

(4) fuel filter (fuel filter / grid gasoline / diesel grid) function:
The role of the fuel filter is filtering engine combustion fuel (gasoline, diesel), to prevent foreign matter such as dust, metal powder, water, organic matter in the fuel into the engine to prevent engine wear and cause the fuel supply system block oil filter.

Poor quality filter on the engine

(1)filter paper production filter using low prices, because the filter pore size large, poor uniformity, filtration efficiency is low, can not will be the engine of harmful impurities effectively filter out, causing the engine to early wear and tear.

(2) use of low-quality adhesive, and the minimal amount of, neither oil, nor can a solid bond, resulting in bonding at the short-circuit filter; or filter the seams with staples connection, short circuit can not be sealed, so that a large number of harmful impurities from entering the engine, the elimination of engine life.

(3)Replaced with ordinary rubber oil resistant rubber, in the course of formation of the filter internal short circuit or internal seals seal failure causing the engine early wear and tear, the life mitigation or external seal expansion and deformation, causing the oil filter seal ring extruder, a short time a large number of oil spills, engine bush-burning axle, suffered serious damage.

(4) air filter housing parts welding punishable by spot welding alternative seam welding, and can not guarantee the sealing, a short circuit.

(5)oil filter center tube materials are thin on behalf of thick, strong enough suction deflated during use due to the central tube, clogged oil filter damage, resulting in the lack of engine lubrication; or seams of poor reliability, the process of using bite The mouth opened, resulting in oil leaks in a short time a large number, resulting in bush-burning axle.

(6)Filter cover, central tube, shell and other metal parts, no rust treatment, resulting in metal corrosion have impurities, so that the filter becomes a source of pollution. What is more, instead of adhesive cement, and its harmful consequences.

Therefore, the filter cost of poor quality is great, and suggest that users must be careful when replacing the filter. Best to use original parts, to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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Oil Filter Crusher And Epa Compliance

If there is one item that can quickly build up in any auto shop storage area, it is used oil filters. At almost every service that you carry out on a vehicle, it is necessary to remove and replace the oil filter; meaning that your stock of used ones can build up very quickly indeed unless you get an oil filter crusher.

Unfortunately, because of the design of a modern auto oil filter, it is not possible to recycle them, and cleaning them is impractical thanks to the one way valves and complex filtration systems that they are designed with, however, none of this will prove to be a significant problem for you with an oil filter crusher.

The average auto workshop will end up with hundreds of oil filters every year, and all of them are filled with sludge and used oil from engines. For this reason, they are viewed as contaminated waste by the EPA. This means that there are many tough regulations about their disposal. Finding a company that can repurpose used and contaminated oil filters can be a tough process, and once you have found one, the prices that you will have to pay per unit for disposal might have you scratching your head.

Of course, the best answer to getting rid of old used oil filters is to decontaminate them yourself, and then send them off to a regular metal recycling station where you actually get paid for the scrap value of the metal, rather than having to pay a fee for every unit. This is where an oil filter crusher can save the day.

Essentially, an oil filter crusher is a device that squeezes all of the engine sludge, grunge, and oil out of the old filter under high pressure, and flattens the old filter at the same time. This means that rather than having a stack of bulky oil filters sitting in the back of your workshop waiting to be disposed of, you end up with a neat pile of clean scrap metal, and an easy to manage container of used oil that can be disposed of cheaply and conveniently and comply with the EPA disposal guidelines.

Modern oil filter crushers such as the John Dow DOWAFC100-94 connect quickly and simply to your existing air supply, and are designed specifically to be able to smash open oil filters and crush up to 95% of the sludge and used engine oil out of the unit. This waste oil is separated from the metal, and placed in a large capacity bucket, to await proper disposal. The John Dow DOWAFC100-94 oil filter crusher is an incredibly compact and easy to use machine. It is able to remove 75% of the volume of a used oil filter when it crushes it, features a simple to use close and go” system to operate, and can stand in less than 4 square feet of space. Because it only needs to be connected to an air hose, you can place the oil filter crusher practically anywhere in your workshop, and only get it out when required.

The price of oil filter crushers varies depending on the exact specification of the model that you choose. Prices start from around $1750 for a basic model like the John Dow above, which is ideal for a small workshop, and range up to nearly $7000 for a top of the line model which can take a wider variety of filters.

Although these initial prices seem quite high for a single tool, when you consider the cost of the specialist treatment required by EPA law for disposing of contaminated waste, couples with the rebate you can get from a scrap metal dealer for selling the clean oil filters, the unit will pay for itself quite quickly.

It is important to remember when purchasing an that different models are required for different types of oil filter. If you want a crusher that will be able to deal with everything right up to the large size filters that are used in trucks and recreational vehicles, it will be necessary to invest in a larger and more powerful machine such as the OTC 1896 oil filter crusher.

This monster can reduce anything up to a full sized 15 inch truck oil filter to 20% of its original size while removing all but the last traces of oil from inside it. The OTC 1986 is designed to accommodate a standard 30 gallon oil drum in order to collect waste oil, making it the perfect tool for a larger garage.

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